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Offering the low-cost, no-commission, plug-and-play Charge Point Operator Platform

the EV platform solution for Charge Point Operators

Manage your charging infrastructure by using our self-service portal. Detect issues with your assets and fix them immediately. Create organization unit structures and manage users. Manage your roaming connections and make your chargers publicly available. Generate token groups and enable whitelisting of tokens on your chargers. Integrate and expand your ecosystem with our API or implement webhooks for near real-time event triggering. Check your sessions and CDRs and download them for further invoicing.

This is how easy it is to become a charging business

  • Subscribe now and become a CPO today

    Our fast onboarding process gets your chargers online within minutes. Simply connect your charger to our platform, and it will appear on your self-service portal. Our self-service portal is designed to fully support and control all the processes that a charge point operator faces during normal business.

  • No transaction fees or hidden costs

    We offer a transparent pricing model based on the number of sockets. We don’t believe in transaction fees. Our vision is that we are growing together with our customers. Your bill only increases if your number of connected chargers and sockets grows. That’s what makes our pricing so competitive.

  • Grow as fast as you want

    Thanks to our integrations with multiple roaming hubs and the ability to quickly set up peer-to-peer connections with EMPs, EV drivers can find your business and use your charging infrastructure. This will significantly increase the revenue of your chargers and potentially your core business.

Man charging his electric car at a home charging station with a wall-mounted control device.

Our Benefits


Time to market

Subscribe now and become a CPO today. Our fast-onboarding process sets up a tenant  and gets your chargers online within minutes.


Charging networks

Our turnkey and proven integrations with multiple roaming hubs and the ability to quickly set up peer-to-peer connections with EMPs.


Unlimited scaling

Our platform is designed for scale. This allows our customers to grow exponentially and seamlessly without any disturbances. Focus on your business and not on the IT.



We are fully independent and in charge of our strategy. We partner with all our customers to compile our roadmap and define the future of our platform.

Our customers Love our product

Atlante EV Charging station


“EVesto was the right partner, acting as a bridge between our proprietary CPO platform and the charging assets, transforming challenges into opportunities. With its seamless integration and complete tool suite, we focus on developing high-value digital tools and features essential for Atlante’s strategic growth as a CPO in Southern Europe.”


Francesco Lamberti

CTO & Co-founder Atlante

Charge Hub

“When searching for a mature OCPP solution, I was directed to EVesto by the team at Ampcontrole. From the beginning, Riccardo has been a great help in understanding the CPMS. His adeptness isn’t just technical; his ability to engage and brainstorm brought a collaborative spirit that I greatly value. Our works feel more interactive and insightful.”


Paul Guy

Charge Hub

A car securely charging an electric car at an Eulektro station with EVesto charge point management software


“Upon our initial interaction, we were astounded by the stark contrast between EVesto and our current operational backend. EVesto showcased cutting-edge web interfaces, swift response times, and an exceptional user experience. Its comprehensive features cater perfectly to our charging infrastructure requirements.”


Jan Kahrs


Three men standing near a Connectned electric car charger, with one holding a charge card.


“Using the CPO onboarding functions of EVesto, the first chargers were up and running within 24 hours, so ConnectNed was ready to start immediately.The easy integration of EVesto with the 24/7 EV-driver helpdesk service platform of provides all helpdesk agents with the right information regarding the chargers.”


Bram Pollmann


Hand holding a charge card at an Inselwerke AC charge point.


“Over the past few weeks, EVesto and Inselwerke eG have collaborated closely on the seamless migration of their chargers to the EVesto platform. Together, we successfully transferred their charger and location data to our platform and smoothly transitioned the chargers to the EVesto backend during nighttime operations.”


Frank Haney


Calculate your Monthly cost for using EVesto

  • Low cost
  • No commission
  • Plug and charge
  • Laser-focus
Price per connector, per month € 1
Making a connector to connect with Evesto adds € 1 to your bill every month.
Choose the number of connectors you want*
Price for roaming per connector, per month € 1.25
Making connectors publicly available for roaming will add an additional € 1.25 fee per connector per month.
How many connectors must be able to use roaming?
Connector costs: € 400,-
Roaming costs: € 400,-
Total costs:
€ 0,- per month
* We have a minimum fee of € 400,- per month to cover running costs and support.
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White car plugged into a charging station, awaiting full battery charge.

Industries We serve

Oil & Gas

Add charging as a new business model to your traditional fuels and attract EV drivers to your chargers and shops. Growing numbers of electric vehicles increase the need for charging infrastructure. Adapt your business to changing customer demands and create a successful EV charging business.

Commercial real estate

Many EV drivers are looking for charging availability when they are looking to buy or rent a new property. Turn your parking lots into revenue streams by adding charge points and making them publicly available for EV drivers. Manage and operate your chargers with our self-service portal. Adhere to sustainability targets.


Prepare for the future, transition into the world of EV and create new revenue streams. Growing numbers of electric vehicles increase the need for charging infrastructure. Adapt your business to changing customer demands and create a successful EV charging business.


Manage and operate chargers remotely by connecting them to EVesto. Validate your hardware on OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1 compliance.


Electric vehicles are getting more and more dominant in the market and our energy demand will rise with this. Adoption of EVs is sharply increasing and more charge points need to be installed. This market movement can be a great opportunity for utility companies!

Charge Point Operators

Lower the TCO of your charging infrastructure. Manage and operate your chargers at low-cost and integrate your current line of business applications via our extensive API. Connect any brand and model you like and scale as fast as you need. We keep your charging infrastructure connected and available!

Your industry?

Are you missing your industry but still want to learn more about EVesto and how it can help you transform your business? Get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked questions

Who can charge on our platform?

Any company connected with large roaming hubs like Hubject, Gireve, and e-clearing. EVesto offers broad compatibility, integrating with major roaming hubs, and we’re equipped to quickly connect with any EMP, ensuring an OCPI peer-to-peer connection in a matter of minutes.

Is it possible to integrate with invoicing or other back office systems?

Absolutely. EVesto provides a versatile integration system:

  1. Open REST API: Access essential business entities like sessions, CDRs, commands, and more. This secure API easily integrates with various business applications.
  2. Webhook System: Subscribe to specific events, such as the start of a session or when a charger goes offline. When these events occur, your webhook is instantly activated.
  3. Our guiding principle is, “Don’t call us; we call you!”. This ensures our platform’s scalability. We proactively notify your system of any relevant events, streamlining your operations.
Which brands and models are supported?

We support any charger compliant with OCPP 1.6J or OCPP 2.0.1 standards. Currently, we are integrated with over 60 distinct brands, encompassing 200 different models.

Can we use your platform for hardware validation?

Yes, you can. Many of our clients utilize EVesto to validate their chargers and firmware updates. We can establish a dedicated environment tailored to your validation needs. Additionally, rather than the standard pay-per-use model, we offer the option of a one-time fee for a specified duration.

Is there a standard way of migrating from my current CPMS to EVesto?

Absolutely. We offer a structured migration plan that we customize to fit your needs. This plan encompasses migrating location data, chargers, and the configuration of your business and organizational structures. We collaborate closely with you throughout the “plan, do, and check” stages to ensure a smooth transition.