A low cost, no-commission, plug & play software

To empower any business to venture into the world of EV charging

Product highlights

Low cost

Connecting a charger with one connector will have a monthly fee of one EURO. Making this connector publicly available for charging, and an additional 1,25 EUR is added. This means that a single charger with two connectors that is accessible for public use will cost 4,50 EUR per month.

No commission

Our vision is that we are growing together with our customers. We don’t believe in transaction fees. It is your business, after all. We will be successful together if we increase the number of chargers in the field.

Plug & Play

Our unique, connect approach enables you to get your charger online on our platform immediately. You can use your current platform or the tooling from your manufacturer to configure your charger to connect with your EVesto environment. When the charger uses this new connection, your asset is available and accessible in the EVesto portal.

Our features

We offer a wide range of features to help you be a successful charge point operator.

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Plug & Charge

EVesto is ISO 15118 certified and passed the audit that Hubject performed. We support both the CPO and the OEM in the implementation and adoption of Plug and Charge and bring a hassle-free charging experience to EV drivers.

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Self-service portal

Our portal is designed to fully support all the processes that an operator faces during normal business. Operations, sessions, users, CDRs, roaming, white label options and more can all be controlled and configured.

EVesto Icon for Security


We apply modern techniques throughout our platform and architecture, offering a safe haven for both users and charge points.


Operational Excellence

EVesto offers world-class uptime and responsiveness. Check the current EVesto health status and view past incidents. For our status information, please visit the EVesto status page.


White label

Brand the portal to make it your portal. Select from colours, subdomains, and logos.



Attract many drivers to your charging infrastructure by connecting to multiple charging networks. Make bilateral agreements with EMPs and integrate with them directly via OCPI. We support the OICP protocol and all common versions of the OCPI protocol: 2.1.1, 2.2, and 2.2.1.


Hardware support

We support all hardware that is OCPP 1.6J or OCPP 2.0.1 compliant. Over 60 brands have been validated on our platform.


API integration

Our API is open and transparent and can be used to integrate your charging business with your back office, such as invoicing, CRM, or ERP systems.


OCPP tunnel

Stream all your bi-directional OCPP data to your data platform by creating an OCPP tunnel.



Configure separate webhooks for incoming and outgoing messages and decorate them with custom headers. Benefit from the data in your own data lake or data analysis.


Direct payment

We offer a direct payment module, with Mollie as a payment service provider, that can be enabled to support direct payment capabilities besides the standard roaming options.

Our Tariffs

Set up unlimited tariffs and tailor them to your needs. Combine different tariff elements to set up a fine-grained revenue stream for your business. Tariff elements that can be created and combined are:


Start Tariff

This tariff is added to the total costs as soon as a session starts.


Energy Tariff

A price per kWh that will add up during the session.


Parking Tariff

A price that kicks in after charging is done but the session is still running.


Charging Tariff

A tariff is applied when the EV is consuming energy.

A close-up view of the EVesto Charge Point Management Software screen.

Our integrations

We laser focus on the CPO process. To offer additional essential features, we have forged strong partnerships. These partnerships will enhance the EVesto platform for customers that need it.

Flexecharge logo


Our technical integration with Flexecharge allows us to offer customers looking to deploy stationary batteries at their charging sites significant reductions in energy costs and more reliable charging solutions. Through Flexecharge’s advanced load and energy management software HARMON-E, our customers can optimize charging sessions and strategically avoid peak energy demand periods, ensuring both cost efficiency and operational excellence.
EVA Global logo


Set up customer service by integrating with EVA. Global. Their team of eMobility experts makes sure EV drivers get the service they deserve. They can help our customers manage their charging infrastructure, and they provide end-to-end services like asset management and monitoring. With EV Assist, they provide a 24/7 omnichannel service powered by their specialised technical support team committed to solving customer issues at the charge point and beyond. Currently, they service end-users in 32 countries in 30 languages and counting.

Deftpower logo

Deft Power

Integrate with Deftpower, integrate directly with their white-label EMP solutions, and set up reimbursement for fleet scenarios.

Farol Logo


EVesto offers a proven integration with Farol, a kiosk solution that supports ad-hoc payments and is ideal for locations with multiple connectors.