How EVesto Drove a 50% Reduction in Atlante's Software Costs

This is the journey of Atlante, a company at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, as they partner with EVesto to tackle the challenges of creating a sustainable and efficient EV charging network. Together, they have embarked on a mission to enhance the future of mobility, making it greener and more accessible for everyone. This partnership showcases the power of collaboration in driving forward the adoption of clean energy and innovative technology.


Atlante EV Charging station

“EVesto was the right partner, acting as a bridge between our proprietary CPO platform and the charging assets, transforming challenges into opportunities. With its seamless integration and complete tool suite, we focus on developing high-value digital tools and features essential for Atlante’s strategic growth as a CPO in Southern Europe.”

Francesco Lamberti

CTO & Co-founder Atlante

Atlante, a key subsidiary of the NHOA Group and a global innovator in energy storage and e-mobility, is on a mission to create Southern Europe’s largest network of fast and ultra-fast charging stations, all powered by renewable energy sources, including energy storage and photovoltaic systems. As a Charge Point Operator (CPO), Atlante dedicates its efforts to the development, installation, and operation of public EV charging stations accessible to all EV brands strategically located along major traffic arteries and popular destinations. By emphasizing uncompromised reliability, sustainability, and an exceptional user experience, Atlante is shaping the future of sustainable mobility in the region.


Thanks to strong internal tech know-how, Atlante embarked on an ambitious mission to be a top player in the EV charging business in Southern Europe. Committed to sustainability and superior user experiences, Atlante faced the challenge of integrating different charger models and managing Roaming Hubs and MSP connections efficiently.


The Challenge

Atlante’s vision was grand, yet the path was fraught with operational complexities. Each new charger integration demanded meticulous testing to ensure compatibility, while the seamless integration of MSPs and Roaming Hubs required a well-developed and stable solution.

The EVesto Solution

EVesto emerged as the beacon of innovation Atlante needed. With its comprehensive platform, EVesto streamlined the integration process, offering API access for efficient information gathering and command execution. This integration facilitated Atlante’s focus on strategic growth, leaving operational complexities in EVesto’s capable hands.


Atlante’s objective was to effectively manage a diverse set of charging stations and a broad network of service providers. They needed a system that could handle these complexities and make their operations more efficient using Atlante’s energy management system.

How did EVesto help Atlante Meet their Objectives?

EVesto offered the perfect solution with its management platform that addressed these challenges head-on. With essential API access, EVesto enabled efficient data collection and command execution across Atlante’s network. This proved vital for integrating EVesto with Atlante’s comprehensive digital platform, including their monitoring tool, data analytics and EMS platform, resulting in a cohesive and comprehensive CPO platform. Thanks to the suite of testing, debugging, and deployment tools from EVesto, Atlante could focus on adding value and services, free from the daily demands of charger maintenance and roaming integration.

Implementation and Results

Implementing EVesto was a strategic move that paid dividends. Atlante achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in software operational costs and a decrease in transaction rejections. The integration was seamless, enriching Atlante’s ecosystem with invaluable tools for monitoring, ticketing, and energy management, all within less than a year.

Atlante’s partnership with EVesto shows how technological synergies can drive sustainable growth. By focusing on value-adding activities, Atlante is not just an operator in the EV charging space but a pioneer in sustainable mobility, paving the way for a greener future.


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