July 12 2022

EVesto and Ampcontrol Join Forces

EVesto is excited to unveil the strategic partnership with Ampcontrol. This collaboration aims to directly connect Ampcontrol’s charging optimization software and any AC or DC charger equipped with an OCPP backend. 

With just a few minutes of setup, charging station owners can effortlessly integrate EVesto’s OCPP solution with Ampcontrol’s advanced software, streamlining the process of setting up new charging stations. The partnership has already achieved successful results in various projects, including collaborations with a UK-based bus operator and a charge point operator in The Netherlands. 

Joachim Lohse, CEO and founder of Ampcontrol, expressed his excitement about partnering with EVesto, one of the few OCPP-as-a-service companies in the market. Lohse emphasized that EVesto’s solution reflects its founders’ profound hardware and software expertise. The growing demand for a seamless and flexible OCPP and smart charging solution has been evident in recent months. Lohse believes that the combined capabilities of EVesto and Ampcontrol provide the ideal solution to meet these industry needs. 

Riccardo Becker, a co-founder of EVesto, expressed delight in integrating Ampcontrol’s state-of-the-art smart charging solution into their platform. Becker highlighted the seamless API offered by Ampcontrol, which empowers clients to build intelligent load management capabilities using Ampcontrol’s cloud-based software without additional hardware. With the market witnessing significant advancements in these areas, Becker firmly believes that the synergy between Ampcontrol and EVesto will substantially enhance the value proposition for their clients. 

The partnership between EVesto and Ampcontrol offers charging station owners a powerful and user-friendly solution to optimize their EV charging operations. By directly connecting Ampcontrol’s software to chargers with an OCPP backend, users can effortlessly leverage EVesto’s OCPP solution alongside Ampcontrol’s cutting-edge charging optimization software. This integration streamlines the setup process for new charging stations, enabling operators to deploy efficient and intelligent charging infrastructure quickly. 

Ampcontrol’s software boasts an array of intelligent features, including load management capabilities and real-time monitoring, allowing charging station owners to maximize energy efficiency and minimize operational costs. The cloud-based nature of Ampcontrol’s solution eliminates the need for additional hardware, simplifying the implementation process and reducing upfront investments. 

EVesto’s expertise in self-service software for CPOs perfectly complements Ampcontrol’s advanced charging optimization capabilities. The partnership between these two industry leaders provides a seamless integration experience and enhances the overall value proposition for charging station operators. The combined solution empowers operators to offer cutting-edge charging services while delivering a superior user experience to EV owners. 

As the demand for electric vehicles rises, the need for efficient and scalable charging infrastructure becomes increasingly crucial. EVesto and Ampcontrol remain committed to driving innovation and enabling the widespread adoption of smart and sustainable EV charging solutions.