October 14 2022

EVesto Passes Hubject’s Plug&Charge Audit

EVesto has achieved a major milestone in the electric vehicle (EV) industry by successfully passing  Hubject’s Plug&Charge (PnC) audit. This accomplishment solidifies EVesto’s position as a frontrunner in the Plug&Charge ecosystem and brings us closer to a hassle-free EV charging experience. 

A man charging an EV at his home charging station. Black and gray image.

To ensure the seamless functionality of Plug&Charge technology, all ecosystem partners must adhere to ISO 15118 standards. These standards define communication protocols and infrastructure requirements for EV charging systems. EVesto has demonstrated its commitment to upholding these standards through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, resulting in a successful audit. 

This achievement is a significant turning point for EVesto. EVesto’s full-service environment can now support Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in implementing Plug&Charge. This breakthrough is expected to accelerate the adoption of PnC, setting a new industry precedent. EVesto’s successful audit is an internal victory and brings us closer to realizing a seamless and uncomplicated EV charging vision for all drivers. As more companies like EVesto meet the ISO 15118 standards and pass Hubject’s Plug&Charge audit, the likelihood of turning this vision into reality increases. 

The emergence of Plug&Charge technology holds great promise for transforming the EV charging experience into a simple process akin to plugging in the vehicle. EVesto’s recent accomplishment represents a significant stride toward making this future a reality. 

Looking ahead to the future of EV charging, EVesto IT Solutions’ success in passing Hubject’s Plug&Charge audit is a cause for celebration. It signifies progress for the company, the entire PnC ecosystem, and, ultimately, for every EV driver on the road today and in the future.