June 6 2024

Longship.io is Now EVesto

Today marks a momentous occasion for Longship.io as we proudly announce our rebranding to EVesto. This evolution represents our journey from pioneering charge point management software to a visionary leader in electric vehicle charging. 

“EVesto is not just a new name — it’s a renewed promise to our customers, partners and the industry,” said Sebastiaan Groeneveld CEO of EVesto. “It encapsulates our relentless drive to innovate and our dedication to empowering sustainable energy transitions.” 


Key Aspects of the Rebrand: 

  • Solid Foundation: Building on Longship.io’s robust legacy, EVesto will continue to push the boundaries of technology and service. 
  • Strategic Vision: Reflecting on our past achievements, EVesto will steer us towards global expansion and heightened market impact. 
  • Cultural Evolution: Our commitment to collaboration, sustainability, and empowerment remains unwavering, propelling us into a future where electric mobility is the norm. 


The transition to EVesto is a strategic refinement, aligning our brand more closely with our flagship product for enhanced clarity. For our clients, this means business as usual. You can continue to rely on the same trusted partnership and high-quality service, now backed by a brand with a unified vision. We’re merging the qualities you value from Longship.io with the pioneering spirit of EVesto to continue propelling us forward—seamlessly, without interruption to the exceptional service you rely on.