February 24 2023

Revolutionizing EV Charging: EVesto, ConnectNed, Deftpower

A groundbreaking collaboration between EVesto, ConnectNed and  Deftpower has ushered in a new era in the EV charging industry, setting a monumental milestone. Installers have taken the helm, spearheading the drive towards a seamless and user-friendly charging experience for customers. This partnership signifies a remarkable leap forward, shaping the future of EV charging with innovation and customer-centric solutions.

ConnectNed, a sister company of ElektroNed, is making waves in the charging industry by introducing a game-changing solution for installers. In a remarkable shift, installers have emerged as frontrunners, offering customers a complete charging package encompassing charging infrastructure, charging station management, energy settlement, and convenient public charging access through the ConnectNed charging card and app. 

The ConnectNed charging app and charging card empower users to conveniently charge their electric vehicles (EVs) at over 400,000 charging stations across the Netherlands and Europe. The app simplifies the search for available charging stations by filtering charging speed and availability. Additionally, users can access smaller private networks, such as those at their workplace or among friends and acquaintances. Business charging sessions conducted at home are automatically reimbursed. 

ConnectNed’s smart chargers can be installed by any business at their office, home, or parking garage. These chargers are compatible with any charging card, allowing charging station owners to set their rates and efficiently manage their charging infrastructure. The ConnectNed charging app is built on Deftpower’s Automotive Charging Platform, providing ConnectNed with full control over negotiating prices with charging station operators and setting their charging rates in the app. The billing process is seamlessly integrated into ConnectNed’s Charge Point Operator (CPO) back office, ensuring a seamless customer experience within ConnectNed’s ecosystem.  

ConnectNed’s charging infrastructure is managed on EVesto’s platform, which offers a highly scalable and cost-effective OCPP charging solution. Furthermore, EVesto’s platform is compatible with all charging cards across Europe. 

“Installers finally have a business model that allows them to offer their customers a complete range of charging services, making the energy transition a great opportunity for them too,” said Bram Pollmann, co-founder and Business Manager of ConnectNed. 


Deftpower CEO Jacob van Zonneveld expressed pride in the collaboration, stating, “Installers were a sleeping giant and let the cheese be eaten off their bread, but now we know how to wake them up.”  


Similarly, EVesto CEO Sebastiaan Groeneveld is proud of their achievement, saying, “We prove that a back office for charging infrastructure can be much more cost-effective by solely focusing on providing added value for the customer. That is what makes EVesto unique.” 

The partnership between EVesto, ConnectNed, and Deftpower marks a significant milestone in the EV charging industry. Installers are empowered to lead in delivering comprehensive charging services, providing customers with a seamless and user-friendly charging experience. With ConnectNed’s extensive network of installers, customers can expect efficient charging infrastructure, streamlined management, and integration within ConnectNed’s ecosystem.