The CPO Dilemma

Tackling Challenges in the Charging Frontier

21st November 2023

Charge Point Operators (CPOs) are vital in advancing the Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure. However, this journey is loaded with challenges that require innovative solutions. The road to a successful CPO can be intricate, from fragmented charging infrastructure to financial hurdles and operational efficiency. Here, we delineate common challenges CPOs face and spotlight how EVesto’s platform is designed to alleviate these hurdles, paving the way for a thriving EV charging business.


1. Infrastructure Costs:

Establishing a charging station involves significant capital expenditure. The costs include charging equipment, electrical infrastructure, permits, and potentially constructing a suitable location.


2. Lack of Standardization:

The lack of standardization in charging technology, connectors, and communication protocols can create compatibility issues between different EVs and charging stations, hindering a seamless charging experience.


3. Operational Efficiency:

Efficiently managing charging station operations, including maintenance, repairs, and updates, is challenging. Ensuring charging stations are operational and available when needed is crucial for customer satisfaction.


4. Energy Supply and Demand Management:

Managing the energy supply to meet demand, especially during peak times, is complex. This also includes dealing with the impact of EV charging on the local electricity grid.


5. Pricing Strategies:

Developing a pricing strategy that covers the costs of operations and infrastructure while remaining competitive and attractive to EV drivers can be challenging.


6. Regulatory Compliance:

Navigating through the regulatory landscape, which may vary significantly from region to region, can be a significant challenge. Compliance with local laws, standards, and regulations is crucial for successful operations.


7. Consumer Awareness and Adoption:

Promoting awareness and encouraging the adoption of EVs and EV charging services among consumers is essential for growing the customer base and achieving a good return on investment.


8. Cybersecurity:

As charging stations become more advanced and connected, ensuring cybersecurity to protect against data breaches and other cyber threats is imperative.


9. Real-time Monitoring and Management:

Implementing systems for real-time monitoring and management of charging stations to ensure optimal performance and address issues promptly.


10. Interoperability:

Achieving interoperability with other charging networks and systems is important for providing a seamless user experience, especially for roaming services across different operators and regions.


11. Site Acquisition and Permitting:

Acquiring suitable sites for charging stations and navigating through the permitting process can be time-consuming and challenging.


12. Technology Advancements:

Keeping up with rapid EV and charging technology advancements ensures the charging infrastructure remains relevant and up-to-date.


At EVesto, we recognize the multifaceted challenges CPOs encounter. While it’s an arduous task to eliminate all these challenges, we are committed to easing the journey wherever possible. Our Charge Management Platform System (CMPS) is designed as a sturdy stepping stone that CPOs can rely on as they traverse through the demanding terrain of EV charging. Our CMPS is not just a solution; it’s a dependable companion.


Here’s how EVesto stands as a supportive ally to CPOs:


1. Operational Excellence:

Operational efficiency is crucial for customer satisfaction. EVesto’s platform is engineered for real-time monitoring and management, ensuring charging stations are operational and available when needed. Next to this, EVesto boosts an unprecedented uptime of over 99.9%. By setting remarkable standards for uptime and promoting transparency through real-time updates and independent verification, EVesto differentiates itself in the technology landscape.


2. Cost Efficiency:

Initial setup costs form a significant part of the investment for CPOs. Our platform is priced competitively, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.


3. Accelerated Onboarding:

A fast onboarding process reduces time to market significantly, addressing the operational efficiency challenge.


4. Seamless Roaming Integrations:

Expanding the charging network’s reach through integrations with multiple roaming hubs opens new revenue streams.


5. Unlimited Scaling:

EVesto’s platform is crafted for exponential growth, aligning with the scalability requirement of the evolving EV landscape.


6. Scalability

As the demand for EV charging grows, the ability to scale operations is imperative. EVesto’s platform facilitates seamless scaling, aiding CPOs in expanding their services in alignment with market growth.


7. Cybersecurity:

By embedding security best practices from the get-go, EVesto ensures a robust defence against cyber threats, which is pivotal as charging stations become more connected. This proactive approach can help CPOs significantly mitigate the risks associated with data breaches and other cyber threats, thus addressing the cybersecurity challenge.


8. Energy Supply and Demand Management:

Collaborations with partners like Ampcontrol offer CPOs access to additional smart charging and energy management solutions, helping them lower energy costs, ensure reliable charging, and better manage the energy demand of their charging stations.


9. Integration with Multiple Roaming Hubs:

By integrating with multiple roaming hubs and enabling quick setup of peer-to-peer connections with e-Mobility Service Providers (EMPs), Evesto facilitates the expansion of the charging network’s reach. This expansion is crucial for enabling seamless roaming services, opening up new revenue streams, and providing a seamless user experience, especially for roaming services across different operators and regions.


10. Interoperability:

EVesto’s platform provides interoperability between different charging networks and systems by adopting open standards and API integrations, which are foundational for achieving seamless roaming integrations. It’s a crucial step towards creating a cohesive ecosystem where EV drivers can find and use charging infrastructure effortlessly, regardless of the operator or region.


We might not have a magic wand to make all challenges disappear, but we certainly have the expertise, the technology, and the commitment to stand by CPOs as they navigate through the EV charging landscape. We aim to empower CPOs with a reliable, affordable, and future-proof CMPS that addresses present challenges and is geared to tackle future hurdles.

With EVesto, CPOs are not alone in this journey. We are here, ready to propel them forward towards achieving their visionary goals in the EV charging domain.